In House Tune 99 to 2023 Various Vehicle’s (non locked pcm)




2018+ Mopar vehicle’s need a SMART CABLE installed. The cost for tune is more on 8 speed transmission as well.

All 2015+ Mopar pcm’s are factory locked. Please talk to us prior to ordering a tune for these vehicle’s.


Message us on Facebook or via email to make sure your vehicle applies to this purchase.

A custom in house tuning service.

Purchasing this virtual product guarantees a in house tune for your 99 to 2023 Chevy / Ford (Certain Ford’s are locked (2021+) and certain chevy’s are locked (2019+) or 2005+ Dodge vehicle. All 2015+ Dodge are locked and 2018+ require a smart cable installed (both are seperate fees not included here).

Refer to our supported vehicle list if you need to check if it is tuneable. Ecoboost setups are a seperate charge, as are boosted or aftermarket cam or fuel setups.

This is strictly for stock setups and customer’s who speak to us directly about their build. YOU MUST BE LOCAL.

Using HPTuners, we remap over 100 tables to get the best performance out of your vehicle, without sacrificing mpg.


Transmission Tuning is not included for 8/10 speed transmissions,15+ 6 speed Chevy, & all 8 speed Mopar.

epending on the specific vehicle we might be able to tune the transmission. Please ask before purchasing to be sure.

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Vehicle Is Not Ecoboost, Vehicle Is Ecoboost


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